Remote Access Minikube Dashboard and Services

Quick Tip

It’s common to setup a private Kubernetes environment using MiniKube with VirtualBox.
As it is intended to be a local installation, the services on Minikube are exposed to the localhost when using the command minikube service.

But lets say you need to access remotely, or you have a web application and your host does not have a graphical interface. Here a quick solution.

Port Forwarding

After you create your service by exposing your deployment:

kubectl expose deployment myapp-deploy --name=myapp-service --type=NodePort --port=80

you simply need to port-forward your running pod to your external network interface and let it listen on some port:

kubectl port-forward myapp-6b6cdf6b78-mdw94 --address 8080:80

and that’s it, you can see your host is listening in the new port:

patovm $ netstat -na | grep LISTEN
tcp6       0      0 :::8080                 :::*                    LISTEN

and it can be accessed, for example if you have a web app just point to the host’s external IP and port:

Minikube Dashboard

Similarly you can access your Minikube graphical dashboard.
First enable the dashboard and get the running pod name:

pato@patovm:~$ minikube addons enable dashboard
* The 'dashboard' addon is enabled

pato@patovm:~$ kubectl get pods --namespace=kubernetes-dashboard
NAME                                         READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
dashboard-metrics-scraper-84bfdf55ff-5zw5d   1/1     Running   0          28s
kubernetes-dashboard-696dbcc666-bwwxt        1/1     Running   0          28s

now make that pod available externally by using the following proxy command:

kubectl proxy --address kubernetes-dashboard-696dbcc666-bwwxt 8001:80 --namespace=kubernetes-dashboard --disable-filter=true

Starting to serve on [::]:8001

and it can be accessed with the following address:


You can access your Minikube Services and Dashboard remotely.